Picardie Valves Industries


Founded in 1849, the company started as a foundry and mechanical engineering plant for the sugar industry and developed the manufacture of copper pipes. It then began producing valves in 1929 to meet the needs of sugar factories.

Today, the company is named PVI (Picardie Valves Industries) and has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality, high performance industrial valves for over 90 years, including butterfly valves (lined or metal), ball valves (carbon steel and stainless steel), control valves (anti-cavitation type) and pressure relief valves.

The company now employs more than 118 people to manage all aspects of industrial valves: shot blasting, painting, machining, welding, assembly, packaging, etc.

We have an international presence by operating in more than 70 countries throughout the world. We currently export more than 50% of our production to the 5 continents.