DN2000 valves for power plant project in Warsaw

The production of two valves DN2000 was recently completed which is part of the project “Construction of Żerań Combined-Cycle Power Plant” in Warsaw.

The new plant (capacity: 490 MWe) is the most modern combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in Poland. Following the construction, the exhausted coal-fired boilers at Żerań Plant in Warsaw will be taken out of service. The new generating unit will increase the electricity generation in the CHP Plant by approximately 80%.

The plant parameters maintain generation capacity at a level ensuring heat supply to the Warsaw district heat system, while retaining heat prices competitiveness for the inhabitants of Polish capital city.

The Wouter Witzel Butterfly valves will be installed on the cooling system together with other AVK and InterApp products. The Butterfly valves are equipped with SIPOS Electric actuators.

This part of the project is realized by one of the biggest Polish contractors, Polimex-Mostostal S.A., part of the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems consortium.

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