Doedijns supplies extreme fast actuators

Doedijns will deliver a number of tailor made actuators used for a safety valve for a compressor package for the Yanbu Export Refinery Project. In this case the compressor can exceed to overpressure mode, in the unlikely event this will happen, the valve must open in tens of seconds to prevent the compressor from exploding. Typically an actuator for butterfly valves opens 1 sec. per inch. In this case with a 24” valve, it would open in 24 sec. This application requires an opening time of 0.5 sec. almost 50 times faster than a standard actuator. For this project, Doedijns designed and manufactured a tailor­made pneumatic actuator provided with an extra accumulator for additional volume and hydraulic shockabsorbers to absorb the energy­impact caused by the opening­speed. The actuator will be delivered with Exd protection.

Doedijns’ Valve Automation Manager Cees Knuist commented: “We are delighted to supply the actuators for this project. Doedijns’ slogan is “Engineering your Ambitions” which coincides perfectly with this project. Our client faced a challenge in terms of actuator­speed and with our extensive experience in Valve Automation we designed this solution and were awarded by Aramco.”

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