DRAG® valves for India plants

The Maharashtra State Electricity Board has placed an order worth nearly USD 1,500,000 with CCI for 64 replacement superheater and reheater spray-water control valves as well as steam control valves at its 150mw units in five coal-fired plants in Maharashtra State, India. Previous control valves in these services have suffered from leakage and lack of controllability. DRAG technology employs many stages of pressure reduction to retain a high degree of controllability and to limit the damaging effects of valve trim exit velocity (100 ft/sec [30 m/sec] maximum) in the case of water and velocity head (70 psi [4.82 Bar] maximum) on the case of steam to hold sound-power levels below 85 dBA. Controlled flows in these many valves varies up to 40 mt/hr (88,000 lb/hr) with inlet pressures as high as 160 kg/cm2G (2275 psig) and ÄPs up to 146 kg/cm2G (940 psi) at temperatures ranging up to 247oC (475oF). All 64 control valves are driven by double-acting piston, pneumatic actuators.

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