Dubai sewage treatment plant relies on AUMA actuators

200 AUMA electric valve actuators are now operating in Phase 2 of the Jebel Ali sewage treatment plant (STP) in Dubai. This increases the number of AUMA actuators on-site to more than 400, including the 200 actuators at Jebel Ali STP phase 1 site that has been in operation since 2008. An additional 50 AUMA gearboxes have been installed for manual valve operation.

For Dubai Municipality, Jebel Ali STP Phase 2 is an important infrastructure project, helping to accommodate continued population growth as well as new developments including Expo 2020 Dubai. Phase 2 adds 375,000 m3/day of treatment capacity to the 350,000 m3/day already provided by Phase 1 while improving existing processes and treatment quality. The treated water is used for non-potable applications such as irrigation, helping Dubai Municipality reduce the need for desalinated seawater.

The AUMA actuators are installed across the entire new plant, located on a 670-hectare desert site. They automate a wide variety of gate valves, butterfly valves and penstocks at all stages of the treatment process. AUMA’s scope of supply includes 200 SA multi-turn actuators with AC actuator controls, some also combined with AUMA gearboxes. The most powerful gearboxes in the plant include six GS 400 part-turn gearboxes that control flow in a DN1800 pipeline, delivering a maximum torque of 125,000 Nm. All actuators are centrally controlled using the Profibus DP communication standard.

Some of the new actuators have been installed to automate valves in the phase 1 plant that were previously manually operated.

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