Durapipe’s pipe fittings for ACWA project

A wide range of Durapipe UK’s pipe and fittings have been installed at a new nitrate removal plant as part of an upgrade to a water treatment works.

As a provider of process solutions for the air, water and wastewater sectors, ACWA Services manufacturers a wide range of water treatment units, offering a complete package of design, build, operation and maintenance services to its clients.

ACWA was approached by a water utility to deliver a solution to the increased nitrate levels being experienced by the utility within its groundwater sources. Tasked with reducing the levels of nitrate found in the utility water supply, ACWA manufactured a bespoke purpose-designed nitrate removal skid unit, based on its Nitreat® ion exchange technology, to be installed at the client’s water treatment works.

Integral to the successful operation of the system, a reliable network of pipework and fittings were required to transfer various fluids and solutions around the skid unit. The client stipulated that the pipe used needed to have DWI approval and so ACWA approached Durapipe for pipework solutions.

Durapipe’s SuperFLO ABS was installed to carry the raw borehole water into the plant room, and into the Nitreat® ion exchanger system, where a unique multiport valve controls the distribution of feed and regeneration flows to multiple resin vessels. Once the water has been treated, SuperFLO ABS pipework then transfers the treated water to the next stage of water treatment.

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