Duro-T key bar chuck offers best value for money

Highest clamping force, absolute precision, high user-friendliness, and a completely surface-hardened, extraordinarily rigid chuck body. They are the characteristics of the Duro-T key bar chuck from RÖHM. The Duro-T can be used universally due to its through-hole.

To make sure that as little coolant as possible gets into the machine spindle area from the front side, the external shape including the water spray edge was redesigned thereby also meeting the needs in practice. Other well thought out details ensure longevity. The corrosion protection was improved, the greasing possibilities of heavily used sliding surfaces were modified, and the safety lock valve was revised. The key bar principle provides a constantly high clamping force and very good centrifugal force behaviour. The radial and axial run-out tolerance is twice as accurate as specified by DIN accuracy class 1.

With the sealed version, Duro-TA, the clamping device specialist has a key bar chuck in a sealed design in its product range, which is specifically suited for use on grinding machines.

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