Duxvalves to open Aberdeen office

Duxvalves plans to open an Aberdeen office to service the oil & energy sector within the UK. Mr. Harry Pomp, Managing Director of Duxvalves B.V. states “The success of Duxvalves has led to its organic growth and as an energetic organisation, we are continuously striving for improvement. Aberdeen is a strategic location that will enable us to diversify our operations and effectively service the oil and energy sector within the UK.”

As industrial development poses stringent demands on the oil and energy industry and with the percentage of world energy consumption having increased more in 2010 than it has since 1973, the performance expectations are now higher than ever. Global energy expansion means greater emphasis on the efficiency and flexibility of systems and the health and safety of personnel and to the environment.

Duxvalves is internationally renowned for its unique design in manufacturing sophisticated control and choke valves that provide flexibility in both seamless design and delivery. It is this diversity that enables it to adapt to the constant flux within the industry.

With a focus on the most severe of conditions, its application features give high erosion resistance, substantial reduction in noise, lower downtime and easy and minimal maintenance resulting in lower lifetime cycle costs. This extends the meantime between failure ultimately generating a much lower total cost of ownership. The high quality bespoke solutions for critical processes on new and project modifications for existing installations are supported by efficient, reliable and guaranteed short lead times.

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