Easi-Drive reduces valve operation time

The time spent operating manual valves on Statoil’s new Huldra platform in the Norwegian Sea has been significantly reduced since the introduction of Smith Flow Control’s Easi-Drive portable valve actuator. Since a hybrid version (custom-built for the platform) was installed, operating time has been reduced from 45 minutes for some of the larger valves to only 12 minutes (in the worst case scenario).
Easi-Drive is designed for use with manual valves located in hard to reach or hazardous areas or where the valve’s operating characteristics (such as high torque or a large number of handwheel turns) make it difficult to operate. The hybrid version is designed for valves sized between 6 – 22 inches. These valves have unseating torques of 266 – 1503N/m and handwheel revolutions of 112 and 467 respectively. Drive is provided through a one inch standard square drive, which links directly to a drive socket on the valve operator. A unique ‘reaction device’ holds the torque driver securely in place and prevents any torque ‘kick-backs’ which, on inferior budget systems, can cause serious injury. In addition, operators are no longer at risk from strain injuries, reducing the time they are off sick.

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