Eastern Controls is now ITT & PBM distributor

Eastern Controls, Inc. (ECI) is now an ITT & PBM factory authorized distributor for New York and northern New Jersey.

The ITT valve portfolio includes traditional two-way, multi-valve fabrications, and the new EnviZion valve. The EnviZion is a revolutionary design with a quick disconnect topworks that dramatically reduces the time required to change out a diaphragm. It has a new diaphragm design offering, which will significantly improve service life. ECI also offers a free maintenance training session.

PBM valves include manifold valves, multi-port valves, and the transmitter isolation valves. The transmitter isolation valve is the economical solution for level transmitter isolation applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and pulp & paper industries. It features minimal dead space, which prevents build-up, as well as purge ports and optionally milled flats that enable CIP and drainage without process interruption.

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