Valve World Editorial Program 2024

February 2024

Chemical Industry Special
Cover story: Available

Material deadline: January 13th 2024

March 2024

Oil & Gas / Refinery Special
Cover story: Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment, China

Material deadline: February 10th 2024

April 2024

Control & Smart Valves Special
Cover story: Velan, Canada

Material deadline: May 10th 2024

April Printed Bonus Distribution:

► Fugitive Emissions, Shanghai, China.

May 2024

LNG Special
Cover story: The WM Powell Valves Co. USA

Material deadline: April 14th 2024

May Printed Bonus Distribution:
► Hydrogen Tech World, Messe Bremen, Germany, May 14th & 15th 2024.
► Industrial Valve Summit, Bergamo, Italy, May 15th – 16th 2024.

June 2024

Emission Control Special
Cover story: AUMA Riester GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Material deadline: May 12th 2024

June Printed Bonus Distribution:
► ACHEMA, Frankfurt, Germany, June 10th  – 14thv 2024.

August 2024

Severe Service Special
Cover story: SMS-Tork, Turkey

Material deadline: July 14th 2024

September 2024

Materials & Manufacturing Special
Cover story: Bray International, Inc. USA

Material deadline: August 11th 2024

October 2024

Power Generation Special
Cover story: Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China

Material deadline: September 15th 2024

October Printed Bonus Distribution
► Valve World Expo Dusseldorf, 3rd -5th  December 2024.

November 2024

Water & Waste Water Special
Cover story: MRC Global, USA

Material deadline: October 13th 2024

November Printed Bonus Distribution
► Valve World Expo Dusseldorf, 3rd -5th  December 2024.

December 2024

Actuation & Networks Special
Cover story: Altek / EDI, Canada

Material deadline: November 10th 2024

December Printed Bonus Distribution
► Valve World Expo Dusseldorf, 3rd -5th  December 2024.


Valve World Conference Book

Cover story: Neles Finland Oy inc. Finland

Material deadline: November 8th 2024

Printed Bonus Distribution
► Valve World Expo Dusseldorf, 3-5 December

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