Electric linear actuators

Constant stroke speed, exact positioning and virtually no maintenance are the key benefits that the new Elero electric linear actuators are designed to provide over pneumatic and hydraulic alternatives. Now available in the UK from exclusive distributor Hepco, these actuators are characterised by a compact space saving design that includes an integral guidance system and motor. Seven models complete this new range – the Junior being the smallest and the Vario, the most powerful. Each of the models has its own special features to cater for a wide range of application options but collectively the range is suitable for loads from 0.01kN to 200kN and speeds from 0.5mm/s to 110mm/s. Mechanically self-locking, the elero actuators are sealed against contamination and therefore ideal for operation in hostile environments or clean room applications. Conversely, as stainless steel models may be specified, the sealed design also allows the elero actuators to be used in systems for food, pharmaceutical and electronics production.
Hepco has introduced the Elero range as a faster alternative to its established ZIMM Screwjacks.
To provide wide application flexibility the actuators are available with a choice of options including brakes, potentiometers, encoders as well as a range of voltage option.

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