Electricity boost for Iran

Iran is contemplating the establishment of new power houses to produce 28,000 mw by 2011, according to Hossein Mahmoudzadeh, managing director of Iran’s Energy development Organization. He said that, because the consumption of electricity in Iran is increasing by 7% per year, it is expected to reach 40,000 mw by 2011. He added that the production capacity of the country’s power houses are to be increased twofold by the year 2011 and reach 56,000 mw. He said that the construction of new power houses with a capacity of 14,000 mw is currently under way and that the construction of the remaining ones is to start soon. A new gas power house is planned for Hormozgan in SE Iran, adding 990mw. An agreement has already been signed and construction will start by March 2003. The construction process of five 4000 mw steam power houses is also on the agenda and the process of their construction will get underway in 2003 once it is ratified by the Economic Council. A coal power house in Tabas is also on the agenda. Mahmoudzadeh said, that “last year Japan’s Sumitomo Corp. declared its readiness to invest in the electricity production industry in Iran and a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two companies to this end.” Sumitomo will construct a 1000mw combined-cycle power house in Shirvan with an investment of USD 450 million.

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