Emerson expands actuator control offering

Emerson introduces a new range of 316L stainless steel accessory valves for actuator control applications. The ASCO 800 series range includes quick exhaust valves, check valves, flow control valves and pressure relief valves.

Initially launched in ¼” and ½”port sizes, the accessory valves are compatible with ASCO’s other products and solutions, and can be used on panels and systems, such as the Actuator Control System (ACS) or a control panel for a scotch yoke actuator.

Additionally, to make standardisation easier, these accessory valves offer several benefits such as improving plant shutdown efficiency and reliability due to faster response times enabled by the quick exhaust valve’s high capacity return flow, save energy by having virtually zero leakage with the check valve, due to its sealed poppet technology, save space as the flow control valves with integrated check valve are fully adjustable and lockable and enable a user to have 2 functions in 1 product. This  pressure relief valve is already approved as a safety accessory in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

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