Emerson expands cryogenic valve testing

Emerson Process Management has expanded the test facilities at its control valve manufacturing plant at Cernay, France to include tests at cryogenic temperatures. The tests are suitable for Fisher® valves being used for the growing number of applications in the LNG industry, for example during the extraction of underground natural gas and in processes where the gas is liquefied for storage or transportation. The new facility has two tanks for testing globe, angle, butterfly and ball valves up to DN 900, 36 in NB, and can carry out a range of tests at cryogenic temperatures down to -196°C. It is important that valves designed for low temperature applications are tested at typical operating temperatures to ensure optimal performance. For example, a tight shut off is crucial in many cryogenic applications and valves need to be tested for leakage across the seat. These tests are performed by immersing the valve into a tank of liquid nitrogen, pressurising the valve inlet with helium gas at 7 bar and measuring the seat leakage. The test facility has been specifically designed to minimize any environmental and safety issues and is fully monitored and controlled by Emerson technologies, including a DeltaV™ digital control system.
Emerson can now test globe, angle, butterfly and ball valves up to DN 900, 36 in NB at cryogenic temperatures down to  -196°C
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