Emerson introduces air preparation products

Emerson has introduced ASCO Numatics Series 653 air preparation products. Available in ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch port sizes, the Series 653 has a high flow rate for its size. This enables customers to power more products from the same Filter-Regulator or Lubricator (FRL), or reduce pressure drop across the system, both of which enable potential energy and cost savings. The range of the Series 651, 652, and 653 products consists of filters, regulators, filter regulators, lubricators, soft starts, quick exhausts, diverter blocks and shut off valves.

The ASCO Numatics Series 651, 652, and 653 products are ideal for use in any application that requires high volumes of air or where space is limited. OEMs’ will benefit from the wide temperature range (-40°C to 80°C), and ATEX and CUTR certification, which enable the products to be used in challenging and harsh environments. The modular air preparation products have a robust construction, and are easy to assemble, mount, and position. New endplate flanges allow the removal of the manifold assembly without disconnecting the piping.

The Series 651, 652, and 653 products incorporate front-facing easy-to-read, low-profile gauges. Optional integral red/green pressure range indicators make it easy to monitor the desired pressure. Long-lasting laser-etched tags and covers ensure product information will remain visible even in challenging environments.

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