Emerson launches subsea wet gas meter

Emerson Process Management has launched its next generation Roxar subsea Wetgas Meter for accurate production measurement, reduced risk, and improved flow assurance in gas and gas condensate fields.

The new meter allows the earliest possible detection of water from gas wells. It comes with high water sensitivity, accuracy and rapid response together with the industry’s first built-in salinity measurement system. The meter’s microwave-based measurements and multivariate analysis functionality are operational in all field conditions and fluid compositions. The meter detects changes in water content of the flowing well at as little as 0.2ppm.

The next generation Roxar subsea Wetgas Meter generates an uncertainty specification of ±0.02% abs WVF (Water Volume Fraction) at GVF (Gas Void Fraction) 99-100%. Other key benefits to operators include improved hydrocarbon and allocation metering strategies, accurate salinity and formation water measurement and high speeds, flexibility and robustness for all reservoir conditions.

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