Emerson valve controller

Emerson Process Management has made it possible to remotely mount a Fieldvue Digital Valve Controller and digitally monitor the performance of control valves in severe-service or
tight-fit applications. Fisher’s DVC6005 (HART) instrument is an extension of its DVC6000 series of digital valve controllers, which are direct-mounted to a control valve. With the DVC6005, however, the valve position feedback potentiometer is mounted on the control valve, but the remainder of the instrument’s components are mounted on a pipe stand or wall – as far as 100 feet away from the valve. The remote-mount option is ideal for applications in which high temperatures (up to 250 degrees F), vibration, or limited space make traditional installation difficult or impractical. Manufacturers including those in the pulp & paper or nuclear power industries may prefer to isolate DVC components (such as the I/P, relay, and electronics) from harsh or hazardous areas.

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