Emerson’s Applied Control as exclusive representative

Emerson named Applied Control as the exclusive representative for Advanced Engineering Valves (A.E. Valves) in the Rocky Mountain Region. A.E. Valves are a leading manufacturer of innovative valves designed to support critical cryogenic and severe service isolation applications in the midstream, refining and LNG industries.

Emerson acquired A.E. Valves in December of 2019. The manufacturer is based in Belgium and has a 10-year track record as a valve manufacturer at the leading edge of innovation. The breakthrough design of their ball valves creates a step change in safety, environmental performance, and outcomes for cryogenic applications.

A.E. Valves is a leader in torque-seated, friction-free, zero-leakage ball valve technology that drives performance, cost and reliability improvements over traditional ball valves. This technology compliments Applied Control’s portfolio of solutions that help customers achieve Top Quartile performance.

Applied Control’s Final Control Team received technical training from experts at A.E. Valves and is ready to support customer’s needs around this application.

Nick Kelso, Vice President of Final Control commented, “A.E. Valves unique ball valve design is a proven solution in some of the world’s most demanding isolation valve applications. We’re excited to explore how this technology can benefit our customers.”

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