Emission Control Fact File now on-line

The Emission Control Fact File is packed with info.

Valve World’s collection of papers on the topic of emission control has been enlarged and upgraded!

The new Emission Control Fact File continues to provide a wealth of technical papers, but now written interviews as well as video interviews with interested parties have been added to the mix.

For example, check out what Fred Turco has to say about recent standards and read Christophe Rodriguez’s review of key performance criteria for valve seals.
Information has been categorised into sections such as Elastomers, LDAR, Design & Selection, and standards, for easy access.

The Fact File also provides clear links to premium papers, available through the KCI webshop.

All news, views and contributions are welcome, and can be addressed to on-line editor David Sear.


check out the new Emission Control Fact File here!

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