Energies must be steered in the right direction

This statement still rings true even over 100 years later. On the contrary: If they understand ‘energies’ as not only the physical flow of all kinds of media through our valves but also understand it to be the efficient flow of materials and parts along the value stream in production, the flow of know-how along the product life cycle as well as the enthusiasm and creativity of SAMSON’s entire workforce, the statement made in 1920 reveals the full scope of its meaning.

The exceptional family business celebrates its 115th anniversary. It all began back in 1907 with the pivotal invention of the first thermostat valve. Since then, the company has experienced all challenges related to evolving into an international industrial corporation. The current workforce includes 4,500 employees in over 40 countries and at 18 production facilities. Since the foundation of the company, it has manufactured valves and systems. It has repaired equipment in the field and its own workshops. It also generates and provides data-based process intelligence. It trains the next generation of professionals and sparks their enthusiasm for value generation in the industry. It opens up unprecedented perspectives to young refugees. It invests in start-up companies or shares its inspiration as part of technological collaborations. It takes on economic and social responsibility because they are encouraged to do so by the three bodies of our corporation – the shareholders’ assembly, the Supervisory Board, and the Executive Board.

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