Energy Products double block & bleed valve

Energy Products Company is pleased to announce that the firm has reached a milestone of half a century in operation. During the lifetime of the company, it has continued to grow and expand its product line. Today, the double block & bleed valve inventory is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. Because of the size of the inventory, a massive number of parts are available for overnight delivery. Industries that operate around the clock need a fast response when parts are ordered. Loss of operating time is a loss of income.
General Valve Twin Seal plug valves (Double Block and Bleed Valves) were the original products that met the strict requirements needed in many industries. Since 1941, design enhancements have added to the dependability and operating ease of the valves. Twin Seal valves are non-lubricated, plug-type, resilient seal valves with a mechanical procedure for freeing the plug before it is rotated from the closed to the open position. Pride in workmanship, use of the best materials, and superior design innovation demonstrate the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
The goal of block-and-bleed plug valves is to limit leakage in lines such as those utilized in the oil and gas industry. The valves allow for part of a line to be shut down when repairs are needed without the loss of product. The company website provides product descriptions, operations manuals, and installation details for the Twin Seal valve. Instructions also include safe operating instructions and parameters.

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