ES and Crane Valve enter agreement

Engineered Software Inc. (ES), a provider of software used to design and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems, has announced that they have reached a four-year agreement with Crane Valve North America to produce, market, sell and distribute worldwide Crane’s Technical Paper 410 The Flow of Fluids through Valves, Fittings, and Pipe and its accompanying software program Flow of Fluids Premium. ES has been providing Crane with its Flow of Fluids software for the past four years. Under the new agreement, ES will not only be providing the software, but also selling, supporting and upgrading the software package as well as producing, marketing and distributing Technical Paper 410. Both companies believe that the synergies created from having one entity handling all aspects of the product line will be extremely beneficial. The latest version of the Flow of Fluids Premium software package is now available. More information about both Technical Paper 410 and Flow of Fluids Premium software can be found at

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