European ATEX certificate for PKTBA-D-14-EX

PKTBA CJSC introduced the third generation of portable measurement PKTBA-D-14-EX systems to the market. This equipment is designed to determine the set pressure of safety valves without removing them from the pipeline.

PSVs can be both under or without the pressure of the operation medium. In this regard, the systems are produced in explosion-proof design to ensure the necessary safety conditions. To confirm the reliability of portable PKTBA systems of previous generations, a local explosion protection compliance certificate with TR TS 012/2011 was used.

In July this year, the European ATEX explosion protection certificate was additionally received. This certificate allows using systems in the explosive environment worldwide.
The main parts of PKTBA-D-14-EX can be operated in zone 0 under the most stringent explosion protection requirements, while it is not necessary to carry the remaining parts to the safe zone – they can remain in zone 1. Due to this, productivity together with the weight and dimensional characteristics of the product has significantly enhanced.

Third-generation portable systems have been developed as a global model for shipments around the world and, in addition to improved performance and the availability of necessary permits, are completed by a pre-installed database containing more than 6,000 models of pressure safety valves of foreign and local manufacturers.

PKTBA latest developments allow high-quality and safe testing on chemical enterprises, in the oil and gas industry, on nuclear power plants, as well as on any facilities where safety valves are operated.

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