Farris turns 60

Farris Engineering celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. For over 60 years, Farris pressure relief valves have been used as safety devices to afford overpressure protection to vessels, pipelines and process equipment. Farris was founded in 1943 by Victor W. Farris in Palisades Park, NJ, to fill a need for safety relief valves required by the US Navy. The company was acquired by Teledyne Inc. in the 1960s and in the 1990s became part of Teledyne Fluid Systems headquartered in Brecksville, OH, with international operations in Canada and Sweden. Farris Engineering was acquired by Curtiss-Wright Corporation in 1999 and operates now as part of the Curtiss-Wright Flow Control division. The acquisition of Solent & Pratt, a UK-based manufacturer of butterfly valves, broadened the company’s products offerings and distribution capabilities in Europe.

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