Fast-acting angle control valves for anti-surge service

Samson Ringo completed the FAT of 3595 Control valves for antisurge application to be installed in the Ethane Cracking plant of a Petrochemical complex.

The scope of the order includes Angle control valve type 3595 with A352 LCB body and stainless steel trim 316 with stellite hardfacing: 1 off 16”x30” 300#; and 1 off 12” x 16” 300#.

Valves have been designed with specific tailor-made dimensions to replace the existing ones and, of course, to fulfill the antisurge service conditions. During the final inspection, operational tests were performed to prove the required fast action to avoid surge. Opening time of 0,8 seconds for both valves has been registered so this shows that valve.

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