Faster commissioning results in quicker time to market

Kraus automation technology (KAT), specialised in providing tailored testing systems for life-span, fatigue, and material tests, has adopted Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering solution to reduce engineering time/costs and minimise the risk of errors.

KAT uses National Instruments’ LabView software to create custom user interfaces for engineers. Whilst LabView offers the benefit of a graphical approach to programming which visualises hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging, the testing machine’s PLC and the measurement and testing applications had to be engineered separately. The result was a time-consuming process that required specific expertise.

KAT turned to Bosch Rexroth to provide a solution that removed the need for its engineers to work two programming environments. Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering solution makes it possible to seamlessly integrate, model and automate all drive and control functionalities into the LabVIEW environment, providing full programming control without creating separate PLC code.

A specific library, which can be imported into LabView, enables engineers to directly access the control functionalities of Rexroth’s IndraMotion MLC and ILC systems. It provides the programmer with more than 550 virtual instruments and controls within a single, familiar software environment. KAT now handles the entire engineering function for the jog mode, speed tests, positioning, sensors and actuators in LabView, with no time-consuming PLC programming required.

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