FCX changes name

FCX has changed its name to Truflo International plc following the recent sale of the group’s European and Australasian distribution businesses to Transmark International. The newly named Truflo International will include seven companies from the old group and will focus exclusively on the specialist manufacture of valves, actuators, pressure regulators and related flow control products. Italy-based Orton will continue to manufacture triple eccentric metal-seated valves and large diameter rubber seated butterfly valves, while Truflo Rona in Belgium will remain a manufacturer of ball valves and gate, globe and check valves for the petrochemical, LNG and shipbuilding industries. Birmingham-based Truflo Marine will manufacture ball valves, actuators and naval air systems, from single valves to full ship-sets, for submarines and surface fighting ships while Thompson Valves in the UK will produce its Maxseal solenoid valves, IVP pressure regulators and Ashford bellows-sealed globe valves for the offshore, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace and process industries, working closely with Toronto-based Newman Hattersley which specialises in products for nuclear power stations. French manufacturer IMF will continue to produce regulators and pressure control systems for a wide range of markets including plastic injection moulding, defence and Formula One. Germany-based GHR will focus on valves, pressure regulators and instrumentation for the chemical, naval marine and process industries. Truflo International will remain a key sponsor for both the Valve World and Valve World Asia events and expects to announce the award of a number of key projects shortly.

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