FCx IMF launches high-pressure proportional valve

FCx IMF – the France-based specialist flow control design and manufacturing company – has launched a new high-pressure proportional valve that was developed in conjunction with FCx Thompson Valves of the UK. The valve manufactured by FCx IMF is a three-port proportional reducing valve capable of working accurately and efficiently in pressures ranging from 0 to 500 bar with an accuracy of better than 1% throughout that pressure range. It is controlled by means of an electronic control system designed and manufactured by FCx Thompson Valves that enables much greater precision than conventional reducing valves controlled by spring-loaded or dome-loaded mechanisms. The new valve has a number of key applications, including usage for high-pressure nitrogen injections in the plastics industry and in test rigs for the aerospace industry. A total of 200 valves have already been ordered by one of France’s largest injection moulding companies, and one of the world’s leading aerospace organisations plans to fit the valves to test rigs used for assessing the performance and integrity under pressure of gas turbine engines. FCx IMF and FCx Thompson Valves are part of FCx, a provider of flow control solutions with operating locations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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