FCX Truflo Rona to the rescue

FCX Truflo Rona, a member of the specialist FCX International flow control group, recently came to the rescue of US engineering company Kvaerner Process by manufacturing, testing and dispatching a number of vital cryogenic ball valves in just ten weeks. The valves were destined for the Distrigas LNG terminal at Everett, Massachusetts, which is being expanded. FCX Truflo Rona was able to step in and provide assistance when Kvaerner’s original vendor was unable to meet the stringent cryogenic test specification – putting the whole project schedule in jeopardy. The Everett terminal was the first one built in North America in 1971 serving customers in New England with LNG delivered by truck. Tractebel Distrigas bought the facility from Cabot LNG in September 2000 and is now expanding output from 535 to 800 MMcfd. Distrigas receives 85% of its volume of LNG from the Atlantic LNG liquefaction facilities, with the balance coming from Algeria. Valve sizes ranged up to 4 inch diameter with pressure ratings up to ANSI 600 lb. The valves supplied were also equipped with special length cryogenic extended bonnets of 20 inches.

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