FCX works for Bruce Power

Global flow control distributor and manufacturer FCX has completed the critical supply of replacement bellows sealed globe valves for the reactor moderator systems at the Bruce B nuclear power station – and secured similar work on the Number 7 and number 8 reactors. The group’s two specialist suppliers to the nuclear industry, FCX Newman Hattersley based in Mississauga near Toronto in Canada and FCX Thompson Valves from Poole in England, worked together with Bruce Power Ltd on the project. It was a project revisited for FCX Newman Hattersley, the supplier of the original equipment more than 25 years ago. This time, they provided the replacement products in new materials specified by AECL for use in CANDU moderator systems.
The valves supplied were so critical to the outage programme that they had to be changed in advance of other activities on the refurbishment schedule. This required FCX Newman Hattersley and FCX Thompson Valves to guarantee a timed delivery for the commencement of the first two planned outages. Working in close consultation with the procurement team at Bruce Power, FCX Newman Hattersley was able to advance supply specifications and software requirements so they were ready to react as soon as the order was placed.

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