FDEN chooses VALCO group to build nuclear valves

The FDEN  held by BPI and other major  French nuclear companies such as EDF, AREVA, ALSTOM, VINCI and EIFFAGE entered into Valco’s shareholding of their brands Guichon, SNRI, Malbranque and V V S at the beginning of 2016. In charge of selecting renowned manufactures from each branch of the nuclear sector, FDEN has chosen Valco Group for their technical & industrial expertise in nuclear valves and in their continuing efforts and means of becoming a major participant.
Valco Group via its brand names / products SNRI, Malbranque and Guichon, is present in the totality of French nuclear power plants, (including EPR FA3) and also in Belgium, South Africa, and China. The French manufaturer proposes a complete range of qualified products from QC level to RCCM Q2: check valves, regulators, back-flow pressure valves, globe valves, control valves, needle valves, ball valves, wedge gate valves, parallel or taper seat valves, bleed valves.
The acquisition at the end of 2015 of Guichon valves, specialized in customized products for nuclear applications and also technical studies, has come to strengthen the whole business.

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