Festo revolutionizes process valve positioning

Festo has reimagined pneumatic process valve position control through the combination of the new CMSH smart positioner and the integrated mounting possible with the new VTOP modular installation platform. The CMSH contains a host of features, including HART communications protocol as well as integrated safety functions that can provide customers with up to 30% in savings. The attach-and-play VTOP ‒ with any combination of filter regulator, booster, or fail safe ‒ eliminates the time, expense, and risk of plumbing add-ons to the process valve assembly and can provide an additional 30% savings on the installation process.

Festo also provides the benefit of one point of contact for world-class process valve assemblies and solutions, including online configuration tools that lower engineering overhead.

The CMSH delivers a highly dynamic, low-wear positioning system with high air output and long service life. The positioner is designed for fast precision control of actuators – large or small, linear or rotary, and single-acting or double-acting. CMSH features 2-wire technology (analog and digital), HART communication, condition monitoring, fail safe modes, and a modular system with many variants. With an ambient temperature range from -40 to 80°C, it is suitable for applications in the chemical industry, mining and mineral processing, and in the fields of energy, biotech, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water, and bulk goods.

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