Festo’s Industry 4.0 automation technology

Media valves from Festo control various media, be they gases, highly viscous fluids, pastes or granulates, in machines and systems during cooling, lubrication, cleaning, washing and sterilisation, as well as dosing and mixing. Synergy effects between fluid and motion control are achieved when Festo valve terminals and the automation platform CPX are used. Their comprehensive level of function integration includes successful transporting, moving, sorting, counting, handling, gripping, vacuum and packaging operations, open-loop and closed-loop process control.

Examples of the media and process valves for liquid and gaseous media, or even granulates and pastes, include the angle seat valve VZXF, the ball valve actuator unit VZBA, the proportional media valve VZQA and the solenoid valve VZWM. The range of valve terminals ensure a seamless transition between continuous and discrete processes.

Festo provides complete motion control solutions with six degrees of freedom up to the positioning axis, and virtually all kinematics for handling finished parts. From complex 3D handling systems to simple format changes, Festo can supply all the electric drive technology from a single source.

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