Fetso DC Servo drives at MTEC 2007

Fetso will be introducing its intelligent DC servo motors at MTEC 2007 with their new fieldbus interfaces for Profibus and CANopen. Pre-wired cable sets will offer a choice of standard, energy chain or robotic cable types, with options of cable terminations – enabling different plug types to be configured to precisely meet customers’ needs. The Festo “Plug and Work” philosophy continues to expand in the controls area, with the introduction of new CPX valves and I/O options. Festo will also be demonstrating a new web-based monitoring tool at MTEC 2007. Known as CPX Web Monitor, the software package provides a ready-to-run remote diagnostics solution that requires no in-house software expertise and only minimal set-up. It facilitates on-line retrieval of digital and analogue statistical data from any Ethernet-equipped Festo CPX series valve terminal or I/O module. Capable of handling static and dynamic data, CPX Web Monitor accommodates a wide variety of process-related functions, including individual pneumatic valve diagnostic and condition monitoring, pressure, temperature and I/O status monitoring, and power supply condition monitoring.
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