Field devices obtain certification

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) has officially certified three series of Yokogawa field devices as conforming to its most rigorous explosion-proof standard, the FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsic Safety Concept) model, applied to Foundation Fieldbus technology applications, according to Yokogawa Electric Corporation. The three product lines – Yokogawa’s EJA series differential pressure/pressure transmitters, YTA series temperature transmitters and YVP valve positioners – are the first in their class in the world to receive FISCO conformity rating as recognised by the Foundation Fieldbus CENELEC Intrinsic Safety Approval. Explosion-proofed systems, devices whose electrical signals are effectively shielded in order to prevent fires or explosions, play a critical role in the process manufacturing of combustibles, especially petroleum and petrochemical products. About 50% of Yokogawa’s field equipment exports explosion-proofed as a result. Especially in Europe, Intrinsic Safety System is the most widely accepted and employed among the explosion-proof systems.

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