Fieldbus whitepaper

The new “Introduction to Fieldbus” white paper, from Moore Industries International, explains, in terms any engineer, technician or operator can understand, how fieldbus works. It explains: the differences between foundation fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA; the elements of fieldbus: H1/PA cards, power supplies, segments, trunks, device couplers and segment terminators; how fieldbus device couplers work; how fieldbus instruments connect to a segment; how short-circuit protection works, and why it sometimes doesn’t let you install 32 devices on a segment as the specifications claim; the issues involved in using fieldbus devices in hazardous areas; methods for setting up a redundant fieldbus segment for critical instrumentation; and advantages of fieldbus networks. The non-commercial white paper is available for free, via a direct download from the Moore Industries website. Printed copies are also available.
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