Fike launches ultra-low pressure RD540 rupture disc

Fikeâ Corporation, a global manufacturer of pressure relief solutions, recently launched its new rupture disc, RD540. RD540 is a high-performing reverse-acting rupture disc engineered to reach ultra-low burst pressures ranging from 1.75-10 psig (0.12-0.69 barg). This rupture disc is available in 316/316L SST with sizes ranging from 1-4″. In many applications, RD540 may be a suitable replacement to avoid certain disadvantages associated with graphite rupture discs. When graphite rupture discs burst, they often fragment into thousands of pieces within the process, which may contaminate the product. Unplanned downtime is also common because extensive cleaning is often required after a graphite rupture disc bursts.

RD540 is engineered with Fike’s proprietary G2 manufacturing technology, which has been proven to produce operating ratios up to 90 percent, withstand many thousands of process cycles, and shorten lead times.

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