Filter regulators

Thompson Valves has introduced the Maxseal IFR3 and IFR4 stainless steel filter regulators to sit alongside its solenoid valves, pilot valves and spool valves. The 316 stainless steel housing and filter assembly combined with seal and diaphragm materials make the units compatible with sour gas and suitable for harsh offshore and onshore environments. Temperature range is -50 to +90C for the standard unit. With 0.635 and 1.27cm ports and an optimised flow path, accurate set pressure can be obtained at high flow rates making this an option when pressure drop off cannot be tolerated. They can also be supplied to meet all Nace requirements for corrosive resistance. The IFR3 and IFR4 can provide instrument quality air to valves, actuators, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, air cylinders and other pneumatic control systems. Applications include: petrochemical processing, both on and offshore; pulp and paper; pharmaceutical processing; pollution control; wastewater treatment; and research projects.

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