Fire protection cabinets for valves

Intertec is supplying over 100 fire protection cabinets to support Emerson Process Management’s instrumentation solution for the new hydrocracker complex at the Kirishi oil refinery near St Petersburg, Russia. The cabinets will provide the valve actuators with a minimum of 30 minutes of protection against fire, so that the plant’s emergency shut down systems and services can quickly isolate and minimise damage, to protect employees, assets and environment. The cabinets are made from high-quality glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). This material is very stable and highly resistant to corrosion from the petrochemical media at the plant. A proprietary construction process developed by Intertec allows the company to fabricate the material into complex enclosure shapes, and the new cabinets are variations of a field-proven product known as the Intertec Fire Shelter. Emerson Process Management is engaged as Field Instrumentation Vendor for the new hydrocracking complex at Kirishi refinery, a subsidiary of Surgutneftegas. To validate performance before installation, the independent Russian institution, Pozhaudit, tested an example cabinet. The test demonstrated that the internal temperature did not rise above 60C for at least 30 minutes when subjected to an oil based fire with a temperature of around 1000C.
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