Fisher valve system to upgrade LNG facility

Emerson Process Management will replace all existing propane and mixed refrigerant compressor anti-surge valves at an LNG facility in Brunei. The 25 existing valves will be replaced by the Fisher anti-surge control valve system. This upgrade aims to protect compressors, increase efficiency and enable monitoring for predictive maintenance that reduces risk of operations downtime. The valves in the Fisher anti-surge system include WhisperFlo noise abatement trim that can reduce noise by up to 40 dBA. The heart of the system is in the actuation. It reduces the number of actuation accessories typically found in anti-surge valves by over 50%. This improves operating performance and reduces start-up and commissioning times. Tuning time is reduced from 12 hours with conventional anti-surge valves to 30 minutes with the Fisher system, as a result of the reduced number of accessories and the Fieldvue valve controller. The Fisher valves will open in less than two seconds to protect the compressors from anti-surge conditions.

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