Fisher valve test facility

Emerson Process Management has established a valve performance diagnostics laboratory at its manufacturing facility in Cernay, France. The facility enables Fisher technicians to conduct valve operability tests and loop variability calculations that can be utilised to insure highest performance valve designs and provide data for subsequent diagnostic analysis of valve performance. Fisher technicians gather performance data using PlantWeb(R) digital plant architecture that incorporates Fisher control valves with Fieldvue (R) Digital Valve Controllers, AMS ValveLink(R) software, and a DeltaV(TM) digital automation system. These networked components are linked by open communication standards that include both HartR) and Foundation(TM) fieldbus technology. Like their counterparts in the United States and Singapore, Fisher-Cernay staff members are experienced at diagnosing
valve-related problems.
Other standard laboratory product tests are also routinely performed: flow, pressure drop, flow coefficients, severe service such as cavitation and flashing, noise prediction, stem force and dynamic torque.

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