Flomatic Valves unveils swing check valve

Flomatic Valves, a provider of water control solutions, is delighted to unveil the new Model 92 – 3″ AWWA C508 Swing Check Valve. This valve is designed to meet the requirements of AWWA Standard C508 and complies with American Iron & Steel (AIS) provisions, ensuring superior performance, construction, and reliability.
The Model 92 features a clear waterway design, offering unobstructed flow for efficient water movement. It is constructed using ductile iron (ASTM 65-45-12) for the body, cover, and internals, ensuring durability and longevity. The valve also incorporates a replaceable stainless steel seat ring and fasteners as standard components, further enhancing its resilience in demanding applications.
To guarantee secure sealing and prevent leakage, the Model 92 is equipped with a standard resilient seat seal. This design flexes upon contact, providing effective wiping action to clean the seat surface and establish a bubble-tight seal. The valve’s O-ring design cover seal reinforces its leak-free performance.
The Model 92 includes integral mounting pads for easy installation and secure placement of external lever arm controls. With an operating pressure of 200 PSI and a maximum temperature of 180°F, it is suitable for a wide range of water and wastewater applications. Each valve is affixed with a nameplate displaying the model, size, and serial number, ensuring traceability and easy identification.
The Model 92 is specifically designed for use in municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications and fully complies with ANSI/AWWA Standard C508. With its versatile options, the Model 92 is available in three configurations: Lever & Spring (3706LS), Lever & Weight (3706LW), and Lever, Weight & Air Cushion (3706CS).

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