Flow and mass flow instrumentation

The Tribar is a fully integrated flow meter for liquid and gas flow measurement. Developed by Torbar Flowmeters, it combines a rugged averaging pitot tube insertion flow meter with a three-valve manifold and an industry standard programmable differential pressure transmitter.
Alternatively, as the Mass Tribar, it is fitted with a temperature sensor and a multivariable DP transmitter, which measures pressure, temperature and differential pressure, and corrects the volumetric flow for temperature and pressure changes. It thus provides a 4-20mA output directly linear to mass flow removing the need for a temperature transmitter and a mass flow computer. Both types are suitable for liquid and gas flow measurements in many industries, from petrochemical to food processing, and because the flow sensor has no moving parts to wear it requires very little maintenance. The flow meters provide cost and space savings and require just one or two hole installation in pipe diameters from 15mm to 10m, or in square or rectangular ducts. Other claimed advantages include enhanced reliability because there is only a single sealing face between the flow meter and transmitter, simple two-wire connection, reduced piping, faster response and zero transmission lags.

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