Flow restrictor valve

Many applications of hydraulic machines require fine control of the speed of operation, and that means precise setting of hydraulic fluid flow, often at different rates for extension and retraction hydraulic cylinders. Sterling Hydraulics’ J02B2 flow restrictor valve has been developed for just this type of application. The J02B2 is a poppet-type flow restrictor valve with an integral reverse flow check valve. The valve provides for controlled flow in the forward direction with free flow in the reverse direction. With the restrictor fully closed it acts just like a conventional check valve with leak-tight shut-off (less than 3 drops/minute) in the forward direction and low-pressure drop (around 5 bar) in free reverse flow. By screwing the adjuster open, the forward flow can be set accurately to any desired rate up to the 16 l/min capacity of the valve. The standard adjuster is screw set, but handknob and tamperproof versions are also available. Fitting J02B2 valves on both the inlet and exhaust cylinder connections allows extension and retraction to be set independently so that, for example, a hydraulically actuated jaw can be closed slowly but opened rapidly. The standard aluminium line body can operate at up to 210bar, and a zinc plated steel version is available for pressures up to 420bar. Contamination tolerance is excellent, although pre-filtration to 25 microns is recommended. The J02B2 valve is 8-2 industry common cavity compliant, and all are manufactured and assembled at Sterling Hydraulics’ UK factory and receive 100% testing prior to despatch. With operations based in both Europe and the USA, Sterling Hydraulics is now recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and custom manifold blocks. More than this, Sterling Hydraulics has a reputation for working closely with customers to find the best solutions for their specific hydraulic requirements.

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