Flowserve introduces anti-cavitation control

Flowserve Corporation, a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has introduced the Valtek DiamondBack, the control valve industry’s most technologically advanced anti-cavitation trim design to date for severe service applications.

DiamondBack enables control valve users to eliminate high-pressure drop cavitation damage and the associated noise. The DiamondBack design can be produced in a range of materials, including tungsten carbide, effectively mitigating the effects of corrosion. Providing improved reliability and uptime with reduced operating and maintenance costs, DiamondBack also delivers up to 30% higher flow than comparable multi-stage valve trim with the same pressure drop. In some applications, this results in a smaller and lighter package than other designs.

DiamondBack cavitation elimination technology is available for installation in all new or existing Valtek Mark Series control valve body sizes.

DiamondBack is customizable for the most rigorous application requirements in the oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and general industries, and is able to pass slurries and entrained solids to 15 mm (0.5 in) without plugging.

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