Flowserve receives valve order

Flowserve Corp. has received an order for plug valves for the Southern seawater desalination plant near Perth, Australia. The order was booked in the fourth quarter of 2009. The plant plans to use manual and automated Flowserve Durco PlugSeal valves for its high-pressure processes. The plant’s output is designed to bring 140,000 cum of fresh water daily to residents of the greater Perth region.
This is 50 billion liters of potable water annually, with the ability to expand to 100 billion liters. When the plant is completed, more than 30% of Western Australia’s water needs are likely to come from sources such as desalination. Designed for the desalination industry, Flowserve PlugSeal valves are made of super-duplex stainless steel with a fluoropolymer-coated plug for corrosion resistance. The valves are designed to provide tight shutoff and are easily serviced without being cut out of line.
The PlugSeal valves are to be used with the Flowserve RG series scotch-yoke actuators and Automax instrumentation, which allows for single-source assemblies, with all parts designed to perform optimally. Under construction since July 2009, the plant is being constructed by the Southern Seawater Alliance, a joint venture of Water Corp., Técnicas Reunidas Australia, Valoriza Water Australia, AJ Lucas Operations and Worley Parsons Services. The plant is expected to open late 2011.
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