Flowserve supplies power reactor

Flowserve Corp. has accepted orders to supply critical safety-related pumps and valves with actuators for the first Evolutionary Power Reactor being constructed at Flamanville 3 in Normandy, France by ElectricitA(C) de France and AREVA. The pumps are being manufactured by Flowserve at a facility in Arnage, France and the valves and actuators in the company’s Raleigh, North Carolina, US facility. The EPR Flamanville 3 is expected to be operational in 2012 and represents a first step in ElectricitA(C) de France’s plans to prepare for the eventual replacement of its existing fleet of 58 nuclear reactors that will begin to be decommissioned around 2020. The pump equipment being supplied by Flowserve for Flamanville 3 includes the component pumps for cooling water, essential service water, and emergency feedwater applications. The valves supplied for the project include the main steam and full-load feedwater isolation valves as well as the electrically actuated main feedwater and low-load isolation valves. The valves all play an important role in emergency plant shut down as well as cooling the nuclear reactor during normal and emergency operating conditions.
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