Flowserve valves selected for chemical recycling plant

Flowserve Corporation was awarded a contract to provide control and ball valves to OMV’s chemical recycling demonstration plant in the city of Schwechat, Austria, located approximately 16 km (10 miles) southeast of Vienna. The OMV demonstration plant will employ its patented ReOil® technology to convert plastic waste into synthetic feedstock, which can then be used to produce base chemicals and plastics for all types of applications, including packaging for the food industry and medical products. The facility, which has a design capacity of 16,000 tons per year, is expected to be in operation in 2023. Based on the results of this demonstration plant, OMV will implement a permanent, industrial-scale plant with operations planned for 2026.

“We look forward to supporting OMV, and together, enabling the circular economy of plastics,” said Kirk Wilson, President of the flow control division. “Supporting our customers in driving decarbonization not only aligns with our long-standing purpose to make the world better for everyone but is a tangible way we’re executing our growth strategy and enabling the diversification, decarbonization, and digitization of our customers, our offerings, and our operations.”

As businesses aim to meet energy demands while also striving to reduce carbon emissions, Flowserve will continue to be a leading provider of products and services which support and enable the customers to meet their carbon reduction goals.

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