FOYO’s high pressure ceramic ball valves

FOYO Valve has supplied a high-pressure ceramic ball valve to SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Company in 2013. Equipped with S ZorbTM Sulpfur Removal Technology, which was originally developed and commercialized by Phillips Petroleum Company, and SINOPEC purchased it in July 2007. S ZorbTM SRT is designed to remove sulphur from full range naphtha, from as high as 2000μg/g feed sulphur, to as low as <10μg/g product sulphur, in one single step with high liquid yield and high Octane Number retention.

The expected service life of the previous USA imported anti-corrosion ball valves was only about 6-8 months, due to the high temperature and high abrasion involved.

SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Company installed a 3” x2”-600LB ceramics seated ball valve in March 2013 as a trial valve and they are currently enjoying the benefits. The 3”x2”-600LB ceramic ball valve was supplied to handle Sorbent/H2+Hydrocarbon at max. 580℃. The medium is extremely aggressive at such high temperature.

Considering the severe conditions, the ball and two seats are made from high strength ceramics – all the elastomeric materials were not allowed in the ceramic ball valve. Besides, FOYO Valves use graphite as the sealing material. The structure of the stem sealing was also improved to fulfil the requirements of this severe applications. Thanks to the extremely low coefficient of expansion of the ceramics, the varying amounts of expansion does not impare  the valve’s safety and operation.

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